A Dream for Autumn

Vera carried the umber watering can over to the faucet. Reaching out to turn on the tap, she paused to look out the window. There were only a few clouds in the western sky, and a flock of geese was flying past. Migration season was coming.

Fall was Vera’s favorite season, perhaps ever since a little kid. The best parts were the changing colors of the leaves, crunching, and jumping in piles of leaves with a laugh. She looked forward to mugs of hot apple cider, hot cocoa with whipped cream, and spiced pumpkin pies. Fall’s arrival would be heralded at the local doughnut shop, with pumpkin and apple cinnamon crumb doughnuts.

Vera was lost and thought, and realized that the watering can was overflowing, as she forgot to turn of the tap. She shook off her daydream, and poured off the excess water. Making her way over to the house plants along the windowsills, she each gave them their portion.

There was an ivy with cascading leaves, a small rubber tree plant, and some delicate African violets. The aloe vera plant was doing quite well, and thankfully she did not have to use any for recent burns in the kitchen. Three stubby cacti sat in a row, soaking up the southern sun. She didn’t water those today.

Soon, it would be time for coffee and reading the morning paper. It was a little after 7 am and the day had just begun. Vera walked over to open the front door, and deeply inhaled the cool morning air. She smiled, as she could feel it in her bones, the changing of the seasons. The arrival of Fall, was definitely a very welcome thing.



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Grit N Vinegar is the home of emerging writer, Alex Smith. Focusing on short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, Alex has been published in Sick Lit Magazine and often seeks out new places to submit her writing. Find me @gritNvinegar on Twitter!

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