3 Reasons to Utilize the Natural World Around You For Finding Balance During Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning, or purging of the things that no longer serve us, is an annual phenomenon for some. Sometimes cleaning house inside and out happens more often, as our life demands it. When taking the time out to go over the things you no longer need, consider donating your no longer needed items, re-purposing or recycling what you can, or just sending it out to pasture.



1. Gemstones to the Rescue

So, my family is the conservative type, who believe that you are going off the deep end, by considering the notion that semi-precious gemstones offer anything else besides being rocks fixed in metal as decoration. However, being a lover of anthropology, studying the properties of gemstones, and because of my own personal experiences, I beg to differ.

Gemstones can be helpful with bringing in some much needed positive energy or life lessons, especially after or while one is engaging in Spring Cleaning. Seek out local shops online or in-person that source gemstone specimens responsibly, and hopefully are able to give you experienced knowledge in the various gemstone uses and energies.

My suggestions would be stones like rose quartz for more loving energy, or amethyst for some calm… And yes, I am having a lot of things weigh on my mind, considering this Venus Retrograde which is supposed to last until April 14th/15th…. Check out this guest blog post about gemstones to learn more…

Thanks Eunique Divination!



2. The Natural World Reminds Us of the Cyclical Nature of Life

What goes up must comes down. Life is always in a state of flux. When we go with the flow, and make the time to engage in some Spring Cleaning, we can also look within for deeper self-introspection. Are we being too attached to certain things or people in our life? Are there things about our lifestyle choices that are holding us back?

Mother Nature will show us that nothing gold can stay, and that nothing lasts forever. Energy is constantly moving, being reformed, and is reflected in the natural world, the animal world, and even in the human world. We are all interconnected, like it or not. We must seek the life lessons and silver lining in the ups and downs of the world, in order to learn more about ourselves, our place in the universe, and to grow (in a positive trajectory).

If you are feeling overwhelmed after doing a cleaning, or while Spring Cleaning… enlist the help of a friend. If you are going it solo, consider taking a break by going for a walk in a park, the woods, the beach, somewhere where nature is the dominant thing around you. Take a moment to close your eyes, breath the air, and focus on the sound of the birds, running water, a passing breeze, or the sun shining down on you. Think of the things that make you grateful for being alive… You will feel a ton better.



3. Water, Salt, and Citrus

Water is an element that we too often take for granted. Water is a precious resource, so vital and key to our existence on the planet, that people protested a pipeline that would pose a threat and risk to the cleanliness of the water nearby. Water is a healer. Consider taking a bath or shower, not just focusing on being physically clean, but cleaning yourself of the emotional, mental, and other icky nasty, negative baggage that has attached itself to you.

Sea salt is great for pulling out impurities on a physical level and beyond. The citrus fruits lemons, oranges, and limes are packed with the energy of the sun, vitamin C, and can be used in a homemade sea salt, citrus, and oil body scrub. You can also enjoy a slice of lemon in tea paired with honey, or use a lemon half to scrub down your counters for your Spring Cleaning.


Enjoy the possibilities within your life, thanks to the gifts found within the natural world!

If you haven’t already begun your Spring Cleaning… what are you waiting for?


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Grit N Vinegar is the home of emerging writer, Alex Smith. Focusing on short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, Alex has been published in Sick Lit Magazine and often seeks out new places to submit her writing. Find me @gritNvinegar on Twitter!

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