3 Reasons to Be Authentic & Embrace Building Your Character

It can be a struggle sometimes living in accordance with your values, versus wearing a mask and playing the game it seems larger society wants you to do, whether it fits or not. Sometimes it seems easier to just give in to other people’s ideas of how you should live your life. The trade-offs of being inauthentic in order to be popular, liked and approved by society, get the right job, education, and money, versus struggling to adhere to your deep-held longings of your soul’s purpose or dreams make the decision quite clear for many.


It is scary to do the unknown, to take a chance on our own heart’s goals, and invest time and energy into ourselves. We give away our power and live in fear of external stimuli, and so often neglect our inner world, which for many manifest itself as aches, pain, anxiety, stress, anger, and fear. Taking a stand to be responsible for our lives, define our success, and make earnest effort to support our goals, desires, wishes, dreams, etc. will build your character.

It takes some real strength to invest in yourself and work toward your goals, when many opposing voices choose to live comfortably under something established and larger than themselves.

However, for some of us, after so much time of chasing the ideas of success and the perfect life other people see as the “best thing for us,” it can be too much. It is at that moment, we may find ourselves in a crisis. We are stressed out about where we are going, or perhaps find that we have been stagnant in our career and in the same position for 3 years or longer with no signs of growth or progress.

This is a sign that it is time for you to give yourself a TIME OUT! You need to assess your lifestyle needs versus wants. You need to investigate how you are spending your time, re-evaluate your priorities, and how you are spending your energy.


ASK YOURSELF These 3 things:

  • Where do I want to be in the next year, 5 years, 10 years, etc.?
  • Do I have the economic mobility I need to achieve my goals, and if not, what can I do to change this?
  • What are my values, and how can I align my daily actions to achieve balance and meaning in my life?

Once you do these things, it is time to forgive yourself for the time, energy, and money lost. After this, congratulate yourself on being able to bravely step up to the challenge to stop what you are doing, pull away from the daily grind of your routine, and assess YOUR NEEDS.

You cannot achieve your ideal life, if you do not know who you are, what you want, and the steps you need to take in order to make your dreams a reality.


Everything is not for everyone. However, we can take the time to find out how we can align ourselves with our inner values and live more disciplined, purposeful, and fulfilling lives with gratitude, humility, patience, and determination. The choice is yours.

What steps are you taking to enrich your life, and in turn enrich others?


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Grit N Vinegar is the home of emerging writer, Alex Smith. Focusing on short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, Alex has been published in Sick Lit Magazine and often seeks out new places to submit her writing. Find me @gritNvinegar on Twitter!

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