The 1 Key To Your Success & The Need for Driving Innovation & Creativity for Futurist Advancement

Dare to Daydream: Visualizing Your Path to Achieving Your Destiny

Before you start any endeavor, you must first know what you want exactly. You must know your strengths and limitations. You must acknowledge your past and what you have learned from your failures, and have a keen sense of awareness that is capable of shifting with ever changing circumstances. If you do these things, you will be able to have a greater chance at being successful.

Your success must be determined on your terms, and yours alone. To live a life where your idea of success is not your own is to live a lie, and struggle with the turmoil of being inauthentic. To live the ideals of others is to waste the precious time and moments in your life, which you could be spending in your true pursuit of happiness.

Work and challenges should be embraced, for nothing great comes easy. Yes, at first anything great achieved seems impossible at first… However, taking things a step at a time, with focused determination and tunnel vision will help you overcome most obstacles. We must know that by accepting what we cannot change, we are free to shift our focus on to what we can change. Shift your thinking, and look at obstacles as life lessons to make us stronger, wiser individuals.

We are currently living in an age where there is more interconnectivity, thanks to technological advancement and integration. However, if we are lulled into false sense of comfort, we will lose out on major growth mentally, spiritually, and physically. Life is about acting out on our self-realization of our self-awareness, our actively being sentient beings that are concentrated consciousness. We each have our own path that we must walk, but when we cross paths with one another, innovation and advancement in life can take place, with the right mindset.

As a child, many of us naturally were capable of playing pretend, using our imaginations, or daydreaming while staring out the window. As we grew older, we stopped our imaginative visual play, admonished by older adults hardened by society views of appropriate behavior. However, we must realize it is the thinkers and dreamers, who become the innovative doers in our society. We must remember it is okay to occasionally think out of the box for solutions.

As conscious, aware beings, we must utilize all forms of intelligence, beyond simple traditionally accepted educational models. This is especially important because we are currently in a world where being capable of exhibiting skills of improvisation, solution-oriented thinking, and organic information structure tie into greater success with the oncoming increase of technological integration, or Internet of Things.

The world is getting smaller, and we must realize what we are capable of; how we must restructure our needs, resources, and information, and quantify our being human. The divide among us based on access to information, class, and appropriate decorum based on our background may be a phenomenon that is making us lose big on realizing greater human potential. We can have a better future and integrate technology responsibly if we are willing to become more aware, visualize, and be solution-oriented to the specific individual and group needs in society.


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Grit N Vinegar is the home of emerging writer, Alex Smith. Focusing on short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, Alex has been published in Sick Lit Magazine and often seeks out new places to submit her writing. Find me @gritNvinegar on Twitter!

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