3 Ways Rice Boosts Your Beauty

Rice has been getting a bad reputation lately, it seems. Rice has been eschewed for being high in carbohydrates and that it is a food to be avoided, like bread and pasta. However, rice has incredible natural beauty benefits that you can actively use in your life. Certain types of rice have actually been highly prized for nutritional and weight loss benefits, contrary to anti-carbohydrate naysayers.


Japanese Face Mask

The Japanese have been touted for their ingenious use of rice for various cuisines, but did you know rice has beauty benefits too? Rice is rich in B vitamin, which aids cell growth, slows down aging, and boosts blood supply to the skin. Rice has been used by Japanese women as a therapeutic facial mask, which leaves skin feeling luxuriously soft and glowing. Take 3 tablespoons of rice, cook until soft, then rinse it and add a tablespoon of warm milk. Stir your ingredients and then incorporate a tablespoon of quality honey to the mix. Apply your mixture to a cleaned face and let sit for thirty minutes. Carefully remove the mask and rinse with rice water to finish. Your rice mixture can be kept in the fridge up to 4 days. Rice is packed with antioxidants and moisturizing properties, which will leave you with youthful supple looking skin.

Black Rice: The Forbidden Beauty Boon

Black rice, also known as “Forbidden rice” has been recognized as having the greatest nutritional value. Beauty starts within, and with over 18 amino acids, copper, zinc, and antioxidants, black rice is a rare and precious food gem. Eating black rice helps protect heart health, is naturally gluten-free, and is a great source of fiber with 2 to 3 grams per half cup serving. Black rice has been used in rice masks as well as for washing the hair.

A Natural Skin Exfoliate

Rice has been used as a natural exfoliate for the skin by many women in Asia and other parts of the world. Rice powder has been used as a skin treatment since the 16th century, soothing irritated skin, and smoothes away dead skin cells. You can use ground rice mixed with water or milk as a scrub paste for silky smooth skin. Your hands and feet will definitely thank you, after giving them a scrub with rice.

An Amazing Grain

Whether you choose to eat rice daily or rarely, rice has been proven to have prized nutritional value and has been a secret beauty regimen staple for many. This ancient grain has been used to revitalize skin to a youthful glow, revitalize the hair and scalp, and aid digestive and heart health. Take another look at the natural benefits of rice and use it to enrich your beauty regimen.






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